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We are a small family made company eager to discover Greece’s natural wonders. But having a bit of action, while doing so.

We provide a Jeep Gladiator Overland with a roof-top tent for renting. You can also choose sporting gear like 2 full-suspension mtbs, 2 SUPs, 2 snowboards/skis or even 2 electirc scooters to add to your experience.

A unique experience with necessary amenities and sporting/camping gear. Contact us for more information in terms of gear and/or suggestions of places to explore.

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I recently rented a Jeep Gladiator with a rooftop tent from for my vacation in Greece, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The vehicle was in excellent condition and the rooftop tent was spacious and comfortable. We were able to explore the beautiful Greek landscapes and camp in stunning locations. Additionally, the option to rent bicycles and SUPs allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in outdoor activities. The staff was friendly and provided us with all the necessary information and recommendations. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking to have an adventurous and unforgettable trip in Greece.
Paul Smith
I had an amazing experience renting a Jeep Gladiator with a rooftop tent from this company in Greece. The vehicle was reliable and well-maintained, and the rooftop tent was easy to set up and provided a cozy camping experience. The best part was the ability to rent bicycles, SUPs, snowboards, and skis. We rented bicycles and SUPs, but if we visit again during snow season we will definitely rent snowboards. We had so much fun exploring the Greek countryside and trying out different activities. The staff was knowledgeable and gave us great suggestions for places to visit.
Edward Jones
I can't recommend this company enough! Renting a Jeep Gladiator with a rooftop tent was the best decision I made for my trip to Greece. If you're looking for a unique and adventurous experience in Greece, look no further!
Cristine Bradley
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